Aura Pool: The first NFT marketplace for hashrate collectibles

Albert Inim
4 min readApr 9, 2023

Aura Pool is an NFT marketplace brought to you by Cudo, the team behind the Cudos blockchain and Cudo Compute, the world’s first democratized and scalable cloud platform for Web3 and Web2. With a team that has deep experience in blockchain, distributed marketplaces and sustainable mining, Aura Pool is bringing utility to the world of digital collectibles and bringing the next generation of sustainable BTC miners to the Cudos blockchain, through hashrate collectibles.

The first sustainable NFT marketplace of its kind

As the first sustainable NFT marketplace of its kind, Aura Pool brings together collectors, NFT buyers, BTC miners, gamers, and mining farms on a frictionless platform. Aura Pool connects you with clean energy mining farms, bringing sustainable hashrate to your wallet, allowing you to effortlessly earn, play and mine Bitcoin.

Aura Pool has been built on the Cudos sustainable blockchain network, which aims to address energy and waste issues associated with traditional blockchain technologies, by creating a more efficient, as well as environmentally friendly, infrastructure. It achieves this by utilizing a unique computational download system, which enables a significant reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Aura Pool offers a unique pathway to financial freedom. No expensive hardware purchases, no huge learning curve, no pollution, and no saturated marketplace to navigate. The DeFi NFT marketplace offers immediate rewards when selling/renting hashrate, it also allows miners or buyers to earn while the Bitcoin price is stagnant.

User skills

In addition to making it easy to view, buy, and trade hashrate collections, the Aura Pool marketplace opens up exciting new avenues for play and competition. By allowing users to battle each other for each other’s hashrate, Aura Pool offers a unique and rewarding gaming experience.

There will be a large number of games announced in the near future, and users will retain voting power as holders of NFTs or CUDOS tokens, which will determine the next game to be created. This integration of skills into the world of cryptocurrency mining offers endless potential for players to hone their skills and strategies, creating an engaging and exciting experience like no other.

How does this work

Bitcoin mining companies, using clean energy, can launch their NFT collections by providing the holder of any NFT purchased by Aura Pool with profits through them and BTC mining companies with initial liquidity for their hash rate.

The hardware is managed by vendors in the marketplace, you get a login to your own hashrate to provide all the information you need, without any technical knowledge to start buying and selling NFTs that represent hashrate. The hardware is managed by providers in the market, you just need to create an account and you will have access to all the information you need to make informed decisions. Buy your collectibles and you’ll be on your way.

The beauty of Aura Pool is that it allows you to buy and sell your hashrate collectibles whenever you want. This means you won’t be left with outdated hardware that is no longer profitable. Instead, you can sell your collectible on the open market and get regular payouts from the pool directly into your chosen wallet.

Each vendor’s collection also shows maintenance costs, so you can see exactly what you’re getting into. And if you’re looking for a little more playful interaction, there’s a roadmap of user-friendly games and challenges in development, which will give you the chance to earn a percentage of hashrate from other players.

New BTC mining farms will need to pass a strict “due diligence” process, before they can list their collection on the Aura Pool marketplace. This process covers finances, the physical environment, energy sources, and team involvement. It is designed to minimize risk. Buyers are advised to do their own research and have each mining farm page on the market clearly display the name and details of the mining farm.