CUDOS: Improving Sustainable Cloud Computing

Albert Inim
2 min readNov 24, 2023

Cloud computing sustainability is said to be an environment-friendly cloud that cuts down on the rate of carbon emissions and promotes the use of renewable energy to reduce energy needs. All the major cloud providers have taken steps to make their data centers more sustainable

The cloud plays an essential role in helping organizations become more sustainable. It facilitates a business case for a sustainable approach by reducing your carbon footprint and associated costs while fostering the research and innovation required to build a viable future.

CUDOS Network

The CUDOS Network aims to overcome the described limitations of blockchain and centralized cloud. CUDOS offers scalable and sustainable compute solutions addressing two apparent opportunities.

The Network is in no need for energy to carry out its crypto mining activities like the Proof of Work (PoW) protocol. With the process of bridging into other networks and providing data and compute oracles, the CUDOS Network is being portrayed effectively as a layer 2 solution to other blockchains, using its technology to remedy scalability and throughput issues and bring Turing-completeness to blockchains lacking it.

Here are some of the ways Cloud Computing can be said to be sustainable

  1. Better Infrastructure
  2. Powered by renewable energy
  3. Reduced Climate Impact
  4. Hardware Refreshed Speed
  5. Reduced Electricity Need
  6. Higher Utilization Rate

All these are the benefits associated with the CUDOS Network due to the fact that it harnesses Cloud Computing. Being a part of the CUDOS Community is being a part of the next revolution that will occur in the blockchain space. The Cloud has numerous fascinating benefits and sustainability is one aspect. Join the community today and find out other amazing benefits of the Cloud in the blockchain industry.

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