CUDOS Network: The 2024 Roadmap

Albert Inim
2 min readFeb 2, 2024

This is exciting, the CUDOS Network roadmap has been released showing the exciting events and innovations that will be coming to the CUDOS Ecosystem.

The CUDOS Ecosystem had a great start to the year with the launch of the CUDOS Intercloud, a distributed cloud computing platform.

In the article we will have a deep dive into the CUDOS 2024 roadmap, let’s see what amazing plans the CUDOS teams have for the community

The CUDOS Intercloud

The launch of the CUDOS Intercloud on January 16th, 2024 has been marked as a remarkable event in the CUDOS ecosystem. The presence of the distributed cloud computing platform has been drawing attention to the CUDOS ecosystem.

In the roadmap, here are some of the plans made for the CUDOS Intercloud:

Cross-Chain Functionality

This is a new feature that has been planned to be implemented in the CUDOS Intercloud. This will in turn drive the collaboration and interconnectivity thereby giving end users easy access to the CUDOS Intercloud.

With the cross-chain functionality implemented, payments will be accepted in stable coins from various EVM-compatible and cosmos chains and popular cosmos currencies such as ATOM and OSMO will be supported.

Driving Collaborations

CUDOS Network has been working toward collaborating with similar projects that also thrive for the same suppose. With the CUDOS Intercloud in the spotlight, its infrastructures can provide the computing needed for various workloads with ease.

There are more ideas that could be implemented on the CUDOS Intercloud in the backlog, as members of the CUDOS community we can share our thoughts and suggestions with the team.

CUDOS Blockchain

In terms of the CUDOS Blockchain, let's share some of the future plans in store for the Network.

Pushing Upgrades

The CUDOS Network will be upgraded as a whole to align more with the Cosmos ecosystem. This will in turn drive partnership with other projects among many other improvements.

Enhancing Cross-chain Communication

One of the objectives for the CUDOS Network in 2024 is being immerse efficiently in the cross-chain space. Collaborating with top decentralized cross-chain projects is a step in the right direction.

With collaborations like these, the CUDOS network can leverage certain applications like the Squid route

Cutting Edge Blockchain tooling

In the course of the year, the CUDOS Network has decided to be at its peak when it comes to the advancements of blockchain tooling. Events like the chain indexer are also part of this.

Turn on notifications on any of the CUDOS official Channels for more features and updates concerning the roadmap as their release dates approach.

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