Dear Friends and Supporters,
OpenOcean had a fantastic year in 2021!

In July 2021, we launched our own token to enable traders to easily and seamlessly transact in the world of blockchain. Our mission is to provide an ecosystem that enables traders to capture better returns and minimize risks.

Increased network expansion

In 2021, OpenOcean became the world’s largest multi-blockchain marketplace. It featured over 20 leading blockchains and layer-2 solutions, such as Ethereum, Loopring, and Gnosis.

Given that OpenOcean has the most robust ecosystem of blockchains, it is easily the most flexible platform on the market today. Its robust ecosystem and impeccable community growth has made it the preferred choice of many DEX aggregators.

Over 400,000 active addresses and 1.5 million trades made on OpenOcean in one year.

The OpenOcean community has also grown significantly, with over 80,000 members in Discord and 236,000 Twitter followers.

In Q4 2021, OpenOcean released the Atlantic version, which included upgraded algorithms and a better-than-average UI/UX. It was also the first DEX aggregator to gain Android app approval.

Due to its superior algorithm and user-friendly interface, OpenOcean has attracted more whales to trade. In addition, its API 2.0 was launched, which was adopted by other developers.

Advanced trading component

In Q4 2021, OpenOcean added a feature that allows users to limit orders. This will allow traders to trade more efficiently.

Intelligent Wealth Management using Revolutionary SaaS Tools

To celebrate the end of 2021, OpenOcean launched the Beta version of its products that allow users to manage their wealth. These features make OpenOcean the one-stop-shop for crypto traders.

Throughout the year, OpenOcean launched the Beta version of its software, which includes tools that allow users to easily manage their wealth management. These features will help traders make more profitable and minimize their risk.

The Q1 2022 outlook

Currently, we have a robust selection of profitable Vaults and Farms on Ethereum, Fantom, and Binance Smart Chain.

Due to the robust growth of OpenOcean, we are planning on launching a VIP membership that will allow users to enjoy advanced trading functions on the platform.

In Q1 2022, OpenOcean will continue to expand its offerings by launching new cross-chain solutions and introducing more exciting features.

Thank you for your ongoing assistance.

Team OpenOcean



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