Earning in Web3 : Cudos Network

Albert Inim
3 min readMar 31, 2023


Have you ever considered one of the most lucrative methods to make money in the blockchain space?

“Yes, the same goes for me.

After making the decision to conduct some research on it, I took my laptop with me and discovered what I was looking for.

The most effective technique to make money in the blockchain ecosystem with the fewest possible losses

It is very remarkable, and it is called “Staking”.

Are you becoming aware of it for the very first time right now?

If the answer is positive and everything is in order, I will immediately provide a concise explanation in it.

It is clear that this idea is connected in some way to the concept of decentralized finance.

To become a validator in a layer-1 blockchain or a DeFi protocol, the process known as “staking” involves locking fungible or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) inside smart contracts.

Nevertheless, that is not the end of it…

“In point of fact, the intriguing aspect is the fact that…

…users are able to earn incentives for the functions that their staked #cryptoassets accomplish in return for “staking” their assets.

Earning in the blockchain arena is precisely what we are focused on, therefore that is exactly what we are concerned about.
With this little explanation into what staking is all about, we will now go on to.

You may have queries like:

Which crypto assets should I purchase?
🔹How do I get started?

I am here to guide you in the correct route, but remember that you always have the option to DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

One of the most important cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on right now is CUDOS, which is the native token for the @CUDOS_ Network.

CUDOS is a Layer 2 solution that uses several chains and is regulated by smart contracts. It is a Turing complete network that is both cost-effective and scalable, and it connects blockchain developers and services like DeFi to the processing power available on the Cudo platform. The Cudo platform is a distributed computing platform that offers consumers computation that is both cost-effective and equitable for the owners of the underlying gear. Blockchains may be connected in a decentralized fashion to trustworthy third-party platforms and sources through the use of smart contracts on the CUDOS network. CUDOS is a Turing-complete solution that can execute code written in a variety of programming languages. It enables smart contracts to make computation requests that are executed off-chain. (Python, C++, Go). By providing blockchains with a Layer 2 protocol, the CUDOS network is able to resolve scaling difficulties.

Matt Hawkins initiated the establishment of CUDOS in the year 2017. In order to assist with the launch of CUDOS, Matt Hawkins put together an extremely skilled team. Members of the scientific community, engineers, business strategists, data scientists, and serial entrepreneurs make up the CUDOS development team. In addition, the team received advice from consultants such as Chris Deering, who had previously served as the president of Sony Playstation, and Jorg Roskowetz, who is currently the blockchain director at AMD.

The most exciting news is that they only recently introduced thier mainnet months ago, so you’re quite early.

For more information about this amazing innovation visit their website below: