reBaked has made a new hire. As Sales & Marketing Advisor, Mark Stein (MP — Maven Capital)

Mark Stein and Maven Capital have decided to join the reBaked Fair Launch and Fair Work Movement.

“ReBaked looks forward to a prosperous relationship with Mark, and the talented Maven Capital Team, expecting this win-win relationship to flourish over the years to come.” Nikos Kostopoulos ReBaked, Co-Founder

“As an innovator at heart believing in the leadership of fair compensation, along with improving industries with system-based industry-wide fairness, I’m incredibly excited to join the reBaked Team and Movement as a trusted advisor.”

— Mark Stein CEO, Maven Capital

About Mark Stein?

Mark comes to Maven Capital with over two decades of sales and marketing expertise in wholesale and retail finance, banking, real estate, and debt structuring, as well as an MBA from San Diego State University. Mark likes thorough high-value relationship-based advising with his team and project partners as a passionate networker and collaborator. Maven Capital is the new benchmark in the lowest cost, highest ROI sales and marketing, focusing on marketing data analytics and community incentives while converting crypto’s traditional top-down approach into a bottom-up marketing paradigm.

Maven Capital is an investment firm based in New York City.
Maven Capital takes pleasure in doing market trend analysis and finding the most ambitious cryptocurrency startups that are transforming the blockchain world. We assist crypto startup ideas from seed to beyond because we invest early.

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About ReBaked

Blockchain networks provide a new economic paradigm of collectivity in which projects are run and owned by users and value is distributed among them. The ownership economy enables many stakeholders to achieve outcomes more quickly, collaborate more effectively, and have a greater influence on the community.

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