The Zecrey Protocol: Maintaining Privacy in the Smart Contract World

  • Privacy-preserving: The proposed protocol needs to protect not only the balance and address of the blockchain account but also the transferring amounts and the relationship between the parties to the transaction from being exposed. This is the most significant requirement.
  • Programmable: This is the basic requirement for designing blockchain protocols, which enables complex application logic and regulations to be mapped onto blockchain through smart contracts.
  • Scalable: To adapt to the scenarios with huge amounts of clients, the proposed protocol should satisfy the scalability required to avoid service congestion or system crashes due to network bandwidth, storage burden, computing load, protocol topology, etc.
  • Lightweight: This is a unique requirement for layer-2 protocols. Since the transaction fee becomes more and more expensive in the mainstream blockchain networks, such as Ethereum and BSC, it is getting harder for the public to use layer-2 protocols. To attract users and reduce the threshold, the protocol needs to decrease the resource-intensive computation tasks and the interaction costs.
  • Cross-Chain: As there are more and more blockchain projects coming forth, the privacy protocol should enable the developers to migrate the assets from one to another, so as to guarantee service availability and sustainability.
  • Zecrey is a general privacy protocol based on the account model.
  • Zecrey enables both one-to-many and many-to-many private transactions, which is a creative move.
  • The number of transactions for users in the same round is no longer restricted, leading to high TPS of the protocol.
  • Composite zero-knowledge proofs are utilized to provide high performance for the protocol. Through this technology, the protocol can realize the millisecond-level computing privacy proof on the mobile phone, which reflects the superior practicality of Zecrey.
  • Zecrey supports cross-chain privacy transactions, thus can adapt to numerous blockchain networks.
  • Through ZK-Rollup, Zecrey can achieve lower handling fees and higher TPS.
  • We design lightweight on-chain contracts, so as to make the protocol easy and cheap to migrate.
  • Zecrey provides a private method to control the data flow in the blockchain network.




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Albert Inim

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