The Zecrey Protocol Public Testnet is currently operational!

Guide to use Zecrey Wallet

Install the extension (Google Chrome recommended)

Create your new wallet account

  • Set account password (at least eight digits) and backup seed phrase carefully.

Multi-chain assets management

  • Multi-chain assets could be managed in Zecrey wallet. And assets could be sorted by chain network or token type.

L1 Transfer

  • You could make transfers to any L1 address compatible with Zecrey wallet.


  • In L1 wallet, users could deposit assets into another L2 account, whether it is your own or other people’s L2 account.

Lock Assets

  • Select an asset to lock and you will get rewards.

L2 Transfer

  • You can make one to many transfer in L2 with the transaction information encrypted.

Private Swap

  • Make a cross-chain private swap on L2.

Add Liquidity

  • Add liquidity as you do in Uniswap, and Zecrey realizes this function in plug-in wallet.


  • You can unlock assets to circulate your tokens, and the unlocked assets will be released to L2 wallet.


  • You can withdraw your assets from L2 to any L1 address compatible with Zecrey wallet.

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