Welcome to claim Zecrey Chameleon Avatar NFT for free

How to claim for free

Step 1: Switch network to Binance Smart Chain Mainnet

Step 2: Click the URL below to explorer

Step 3: Slide page and click Contract Tab


About Zecrey

Basic Information

  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain Mainnet
  • BSC Explorer: Contract Address 0x8c6BE54dccA5Eed3390b37c9D8ef9Eb0358aC3A8 | BscScan
  • How to add BSC Mainnet RPC: chainlist.org
  • Contract Address: 0x8c6BE54dccA5Eed3390b37c9D8ef9Eb0358aC3A8
  • View the Avatar Image related to the tokenId you have:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BfPeCHwM8vMCGcu11xQ_uz5hcWFK-prR?usp=sharing




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Albert Inim

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